The Things About People

Here’s the thing about people. You can give them words of advice when they need some. You can lend a shoulder to cry on. You can make surprise to cheer them up. You can notice how sad they look when they’re sad and try to make them smile. You can listen to their problems. You can carry them when they don’t carry them self.

But, at the end of the day, even though you have done it all for them, you have done everything you could do to cheer them up, you have given all your best, sometimes people wouldn’t do the same for you.

I got this feeling. When everything that I did for them, cheered them up, made them smile, and all the things that I have done for them, not everyone would do the same for me. Some people just left me like nothing happened before, forgot for everything that I have done for them, and left me alone here, when they found someone’s better.

After all those feeling that I’ve got, I realized something. We shouldn’t have done things to get something in return, we shouldn’t have done that. We should’ve done things without expecting something in return. We shouldn’t have depended too much on someone

People will leave, they will leave me, when they find someone better. They will leave me alone here, like nothing happened between us before. Do you know how that feels?
That’s really excruciating

Tonight, I’m lying down on my bed, scrolling down my album to see our photos together, and sadly, my heart whisper, “They’ve found someone’s better, but why can’t I?

Friendly Reminder

Friendly reminder that self-care isn’t just face masks and drinking water, it’s also about listening to your inner voice and living your truth

2019 has been a wild one for me, ‘ve been on my rock bottom, ‘ve cried a lot, ‘ve lost many things, but I also have learnt a lot and healed so much. Now, I know how to not care what other people think, how to live without anxiety, how to stop overthinking things etc. 

My brain isn’t perfect (nobody is), but I’m definitely building a solid foundation.

Now, I will only look for something that good for me. Surrond myseld woth good vibes and all the good things for my happiness and for my mental health.💛


Thank You, God!

Being a nineteen years old girl who has been through many things, up and down, joyfull and sorrow make me realized, live isn’t as easy as what it seems. As, I said it million times, I’ve been on my rock bottom, and it felt very excruciating, torture, and everyword that can explain all the pain.

But, being a nineteen girl means that I’ve grown up not only for age and physical, but also my mental.

I’ve learned, a lot. Really, God has taught me a lot when he put me on the lowest point in my live (Well, there will be another lowest point in the next journey, but still, this is the lowest point for my nineteen years old-self).

So, eventhough I was on my rock bottom, my lowest side, eventhough I lost many things in my life, friends, family, and even had lost my confidence before, I got more learning. Like a lot.

So Allah, Now, I just want to show my grateful, thank you for put me on the situation where I could no longer depend on someone or something, thank you for made me realize that there’s nothing I can hold on to in this world except you, thank you so much for ‘the hit’ because I was too arrogant before, thank you so much for all the learning that you have prepared for me, for my growth. Thank you

And also I am sorry, I’m sorry for blaming you before, I’m sorry I didn’t believe you before, I’m sorry for all those bad things I’ve done before, I’m sorry for making you dissapointed, I am sorry and I really am.

Now, after all the learning that allah has given me, I believe, I put my belief on his hand, I trust him, Allah knows best for me.

Once again, Thank you for put me on my rock bottom, my lowest point and give me all the learning. I’m so grateful now that I felt all those situation. Thank you